SPS Fabricators


SPS Fabricators, Group of Samahita Power System Pvt Ltd are one of the leading manufacturers of all kinds of sheet metal products, viz. Solar Module Mounting Structures, AC & DC Db’s, Inverters cabins, AC Ducts, all kinds of cable trays, wire ways & accessories and other related series products. SPS Fabricators provide the highest quality sheet metal products, at same time focus on high – tech products research, design and development.

SPS Fabricators robust industrial cable management system requires zero maintenance, and present the best possible corrosion resistance. Extremely light in nature, our cable management systems have a longer life span than conventional materials, particularly in extreme conditions. SPS has put in time and effort in conducting research activities based on which we have designed and developed our product line to suit the customer’s needs. Our experience in this field helps us to contribute either in the form of ideas, new products etc.., in a better way.

SPS Fabricators design the most specified cable trays with much experience in the industry. Each of our cable tray lines is designed for maximum flexibility and expandability that helps installers to finish the projects faster and reducing costs, while supporting cables better, we are perfectly positioned to supply any size projects.


SPS Fabricators’ team of professional engineers carries out custom design and development engineering projects of all sizes. They offer a proactive and efficient service tailored to the needs of each client. If necessary, an engineer will be personally assigned to a given project, in order to make sure all the design and development stages are given the necessary care and attention to ensure their success.

The following software is used for the design process:

  • AutoCAD.
  • PRO/Engineer.
  • Solid Works.
  • Solid Edge.

A reference in mechanical manufacturing:

SPS Fabricators has been a leader in the mechanical manufacturing industry in jigani industrial area. Major clients from the high technology, communications or medical fields call upon the expertise of this leading company whose reputation of excellence and rigour is well-established.

SPS Fabricators team engineers follow accurate and seamless processes, and are able to understand the needs of their clients, whatever they are.

SPS Fabricators designs and manufactures high-technology products, Here are some of the products we manufacture:

  • Control panels.
  • AC DB’s And DC DB’s.
  • Solar PCU & Home Inverter Cabins.
  • Electric & electronic cases.
  • Metal bays.
  • Bus bars (Aluminum/copper).
  • Industrial switches.
  • Chassis and frames.
  • Medical equipment.
  • Racks and frames.
  • Z and U Perlins.
  • And more…

With its cutting-edge equipment and facilities, the company is able to ensure that its manufacturing processes reach optimal accuracy and total flexibility.


  • 2 high-capacity press brakes with wide variety of capacities (50-80 tons.)
  • Numerical Computerized bending (NC).
  • Reduced set-up time through sectionalized press brake tooling.
  • Automatic deflection compensator.



  • Skilled Welding Team.
  • Cleaned and Healthy Welding Shop.
  • Various welding machines (MIG, TIG, spot, CO2, Arc).
  • Various welding methods (MIG, TIG, spot, CO2, Arc).



  • Mechanical and hydraulic punch presses.
  • Wide capacity range (0-30 tons).
  • Wide variety of sizes.
  • Wide variety of embossing and shapes.
  • Up to 1mm - 6 mm. sheet thickness.



  • Assembly of various sizes.
  • Mechanical and electro-mechanical assembly.
  • Individual testing of each assembly.
  • Metric and imperial tool set-up.
  • Product pre-assembly and assembly.
  • Dock to stock.



  • Innovative paint-line design for optimal productivity.
  • Powder or liquid coating.
  • Suspended drying oven.
  • Multiple paint booths in order to reduce set-up time.
  • Silk-screening shop.
  • Firing and color variation control.

Firm is situated in 4500 sq feet on jigani Phase - 1 industrial area Bangalore. Having 65 HP of power Facilities for the below:

  • Shearing Machine - 50 Ton Capacity.
  • Bending Machine - 40 Ton Capacity.
  • Power Press - 30 Ton Capacity.
  • Mig Welding.
  • Tig Welding.
  • Arc Welding.
  • Powder Coating Facility.
  • Painting Facility.


  • We have working capacity of 250 Tons sheet metal fabrication per month.

Quality & Pricing::

  • We pursue a single goal in customer satisfaction through quality Fabrication, unmatched service and on-time delivery. We offer the right quality fabrication work at the right prices to our customers.